The New Way of Packaging

Novvia Group Canada, originally Andicor’s container distribution division is a leader in high-quality packaging solutions and customized services with domestic and international customers across myriad industries. Through its family of dynamic companies, comprised of Inmark, C.L. Smith, Silver Spur, Container Supply, Fox Valley Container, and Rhino Container, Novvia has set a new industry standard as a national stocking distributor with a comprehensive suite of containers and supplies, trusted local relationships, and history of unparalleled customer service.


Inmark, LLC

Inmark is a trusted source for rigid containers, dangerous goods, and life sciences packaging solutions that ensure the safe and reliable storage and transport of hazardous materials.

C.L. Smith Company

C.L Smith Company is a premier, full-service manufacturer, UN Certifier, and full stocking distributor of high-quality and cost-effective packaging materials and containers.

Silver Spur Corporation

Silver Spur is a leading stocking distributor of core rigid packaging, with a specialty portfolio of high-quality glass containers and closures in amber, cobalt, blue, green, and flint colors.

Container Supply, Inc.

Container Supply is a major stocking distributor of cans, drums, pails, bottles, and other rigid packaging products serving a variety of customers and end markets.

Fox Valley Containers, Inc.

Fox Valley is a large stocking distributor of cans, pails, drums, bottles, jars, and other rigid packaging products with high levels of service to a long-tenured customer base with five locations in the Upper Midwest.

Rhino Container

Rhino is a distributor of rigid packaging and packing products. For 30 years, Rhino has supplied a wide range of cans, pails, drums, bottles, jars, and other rigid packaging products to a variety of customers throughout the West Coast Region.